The American labor movement is at a crossroads. Organized workers are losing legal protection for rights won over a century of hard-fought struggles. The culture of solidarity that built our movement and secured the prosperity that once defined the United States is being steadily eroded. But the sleeping giant of America’s working-class is awakening. The Rank and File Review is an independent voice for working-class partisans chronicling that awakening.

The articles and commentary featured at rankandfilereview.com do not represent any consensus of beliefs. Our editors and contributors do not expect that readers will sympathize with all the opinions and analysis they find here. Some of our contributors disagree with others, but we all hold to the core belief that a healthy democracy encourages and facilitates open, frank discussion and debate as a means for improving the work of organized labor and advancing peoples’ culture. The editors of The Rank and File Review do not accept responsibility for all the views and opinions expressed. We do, however, accept the responsibility of seeing that the views and opinions of America’s rank-and-file union members reach the broadest sectors of America’s working people.


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